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  • About Us

    Lumber has been in business since 2001. Get to know our history and team and see how we make pallets.

    Lumber today has:

    • 70 employees
    • 60 000 finished pallets per month
    • 25 countries where we supply pallets
    • Production and warehouse with a total area of 3800 m²
    • 3 automatic pallet production lines
    • 4 drying kilns with a one-time loading of 7500 pallets


    We produce europallets EPAL in accordance with the technical regulations of the European Pallet Association (EPAL). This guarantees their high quality, reliability and full compliance with established requirements.

    1. Delivery and sorting of timber in the round.

    2. For the production of pallets we use hardwood and softwood.

    3. Sawing of pallet lumber.

    4. Our circular saws provide the high speed and precision sawing.

    5. Production of pallets on automatic lines.

    6. We produce pallets on automatic lines, which ensures high productivity and strict adherence to EPAL standards.

    7. Drying and phytosanitary treatment.

    8. After production the finished pallet is placed in the drying kiln, where it is processed under high temperatures. Kiln-drying is necessary to kill harmful organisms and comply with the quarantine requirements necessary for free borders crossing.

    9. Product quality control and stamping of pallets.

    10. The pallets are stamped on a special line: on the side blocks are placed EPAL stamps, on the middle blocks - IPPC stamp, country code, registration number of the national plant protection authority, type of treatment (heat treatment / HT), license number-year-month. After the visual inspection by a quality control specialist, an EPAL control staple is installed on the finished pallet.

    11. Finished products storage.

    12. Sheds with a total area of 720 m² are used to store finished products and protect them from external environmental factors.

    13. Shipment of pallets to customers.

    14. Shipment of pallets is carried out by agreement 7 days a week.


    Employees are our main advantage. Today we are 70 people, we work to ensure that Customers are satisfied with our products and receive them just in time.

    We will be glad to meet you!

    СООО Лумбер. Наша команда
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